End of one decade, time to begin another…

Okay, okay…I’m terrible at keeping up on this! Would it help if I told you, I’m too busy out catching fish and exploring local streams?! I didn’t think so…

The streams have been in excellent condition and midge patterns have been working great. The weather is colder so dress appropriately and remember, #keepemwet! I also have been spending quite a bit of time at the ol’ tying bench. I’ve got my red midge pattern back to fully stocked and now have to work on my soft hackle selection. That’s what winter is for, right?! I spend all spring, summer, and fall losing and/or destroying flies so that I can spend all winter long tying more.

I look back at the last decade and year and know that I am truly blessed. I love fishing and it loves me back. The people and places have been truly top notch and so has the fishing. I look forward to 2020 and all the people, places, and fishes I plan to catch and catch up with! Cheers to tight lines, fins, and grins!

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