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Spring fishing… Pine Spring Creek

Local Decorah information can be found at Visit Decorah.

The extensive conservation efforts in the Driftless area can be explored here:

Commonly Asked Questions:

How cold is the water and should I wet wade? The year-round temperature of most streams that we fish is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Since everyone has a different level of tolerance, you decide.

Are the biting insects or poisonous plants bad? It depends on the time of year. There are biting insects during warmer months and yes, poisonous plants such as stinging nettles and wild parsnip. Bring a bug repellent that you personally use and wear long sleeves and pants.

Can I use my own equipment? Absolutely!

Will you provide fly selection advice? Yes. I focus on building knowledge, confidence, and skills so fly selection falls within that focus.

Where will we fish? I like to tailor each trip to the client’s’ unique, individual needs. There are several streams that we can focus on which all fish equally well.Will I have to drive to the stream? Yes. Depending on where you will be staying, will dictate how far you will need to drive to the stream we’ll fish.

When is the best time of the year to visit? Iowa has a year round trout season. Fishing is always good but most anglers prefer the warmer months of April-October.

Where do you operate out of? What I consider to be “base camp” is located in Decorah, Iowa. However, fishing is located closer to the towns of Dorchester, Highlandville, and Sattre.

Are there other things to do in the area besides fly fishing? Absolutely! The scenery is breathtaking while cruising down the Scenic Byway along the Mississippi and Upper Iowa Rivers. There are caves to explore, trails to hike and/or bike, floating/kayaking, wine tasting, and small town charm and intricacies to visit along the way!

What is the closest airport(s)? The closest international airport is Rochester, Minnesota (1.5 hours away) and then Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport (3 hours). There is a smaller airport located in Decorah, Iowa for small engine planes if you own one.

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North Bear success on the fly!
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Riffle on NE Iowa stream.

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